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Article Sep 24, 2022
Article Author   Mausam Gaurav
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General Python


Familiarity with Python, creating Python environment, installing packages in Python. Familiarity with Streamlit, CSS styles and HTML. Some familiarity with Streamlit and AWS.  

What are we going to build

Multi-page app

We are going to build a demo multi page app using Streamlit. The app would have a home page ...

Article Apr 13, 2020
Article Author   Mausam Gaurav
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Power BI

In this post we are going to show how to create a cool looking ratings chart in Microsoft Power BI. The chart is below. The chart is best viewed in a touch screen (the vertical scroll bar would disappear).  Note: if you see a message "’s ...

Article Sep 01, 2019
Article Author   Mausam Gaurav
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